These 8 DIY water tricks will absolutely melt your mind! Do try these at home. The lesson, as always: Science is the coolest.

1. The Water Illusion

Simply pour the water in the glass in front of the arrows and watch it magically flip.

2. The Pepper Trick

Fill the bowl with water and sprinkle the pepper on top. Notice when you touch it with your finger nothing happens. Put some soap on your finger, touch it again, and watch the pepper spread like magic.

3. Water And Jack

Fill one glass with water and one with the alcohol. Place the card on the glass filled with water. Flip it carefully using the card to prevent it from spilling. Place it on top of the glass with alcohol and move the card slightly to create a small gap. Wait about 10 min. and watch the water switch places with the alcohol.

4. The Fireproof Balloon

Fill a balloon with water. Light the candle. Slowly place it on the candle. Amazingly enough it doesn’t pop! But leave it too long and it will.

8 Water Tricks That Will Melt Your Mind

5. The Laser Trick

Place a small hole on the lower part of the bottle. Fill it up with water, make sure to hold the hold so it doesn’t spill. Point the laser directly on the hole. Let the water stream out and hold your hand below it. The laser is now reflected on your hand!

6. Glowing Tonic Water

Simply turn of the lights and shine the UV light onto the tonic water.

7. Water Suspension

Cut a small square piece of the screen, place it on the mouth of the bottle and secure it with the rubber band. Fill it up completely with water through the mesh. Cover the mouth of the bottle and flip it, don’t worry it won’t spill. Now push the toothpicks through the screen and it still doesn’t spill!

8. The Instant Freeze

Place the purified water in the freezer. Get it to about 32°F, you can monitor it with a thermometer. You can also do guess work by placing multiple water bottles and testing them out every 30 min. For us, it took about 1 hour in the freezer. Carefully take them out, or they might transform ice crystals already. Transform the water by hitting the bottle. You can also pour the water on ice or anything that’s cold. You now created an instant slushy. (this may also work on sodas or beers)

These water tricks are all just a little bit like magic. But how do they actually work? Find out here:

These DIY Water Tricks Will Absolutely Melt Your Mind
The lesson, as always: Science is the coolest.

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