Meghan Trainor Parody, I Just Can't Clean This Place

Christmas carols, fake fires and carb loading. Holidays with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are the best.

Love birds Kristen Bell & Dax Shapard get ready for the holidays with the help from Samsung Electronics. From matching pajamas, sweater sets, ginger bread houses and decorative lights to artificial snow, a giant tree, and a smart TV fireplace; they’ve got it covered complete with smart phone mistletoe. In “Home for the Holidays,” the couple communicates via video as Dax scours the attic for decorations and goes to the store for holiday treats. Dax shows off Samsung’s smart watch when he takes a call from Kristen while setting up lights on the roof. When they finally complete decorating and switch the lights on Kristen says suggestively, “You know what this gets me in the mood for?” — but it’s not what you think.

Home for the Holidays

From wearing matching PJ’s and sweaters to over-the-top decorating, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard know how to do it big for the holiday season. This year, they’re inviting you over to ring in the holidays with their family and Samsung Mobile USA in this cute commercial.

As we all start gearing up for the holidays, Samsung is getting into the spirit too. In their new holiday ad, Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard are getting ready for Christmas with all of their Samsung devices in tow.

With all Samsung products aside, this is a really great and very cute commercial. It’s funny and shows off the products really well, which is exactly what they were going for. It’s one of the better commercials we’ve ever seen come from the company, and it doesn’t hurt that they are masters at getting celebrities on-board.

Music: “Sleigh Ride” by The Ronettes, from a “Christmas Gift For You from Phil Spector”

Meghan Trainor Parody, I Just Can't Clean This Place

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