“I Just Can’t Clean This Place” will become the new anthem for Moms everywhere! This parody from YouTube channel Laughing Moms touches on a common parenting woe — the impossibility of keeping your house clean when you have kids.

This group of super talented and very hilarious ladies might have just created the new anthem for all moms out there who understand the pain of trying to keep a clean house with this paraody on a widely popular song. Following in the footsteps of “I Just Need Some Space,” Deva Dalporto’s parody of “All About That Bass,” here’s another parent-centric re-write of the hit song by Meghan Trainor.

In this video, Laughing Moms by Alisha found Eden seamlessly flow the craziness of their daily routines, namely keeping a clean house with kids around, into the memorable beat of Trainor’s incredibly catchy tune. The result? They’ve created an instant hit with their parody: “I Just Can’t Clean This Place,” and it’s super hysterical!

If Megan Trainor’s “All About that Bass” has been stuck in your head (because I know that I just CANNOT get it out of mine!), then be prepared to start singing a whole new set of lyrics with this hilarious rendition!

meghan trainor parody
This parody is sure to resonate with many parents.

If you struggle with housework and always seem to have a messy house, you’ll enjoy this tribute to everyone who just can’t manage to keep their house clean! This parody was written by Alisha Merrick, and performed by Alisha Merrick, Ashley Miller, and Tanae Jenkins.

meghan trainor parody
Alisha and Eden are both young moms who are so relatable. Because who doesn’t absolutely adore their kids when they’re awake but also love when they go to bed at night (possibly a little more). Alisha and Eden love to share the joys and trials of motherhood with their own lyrical topics in these hysterical parodies.

meghan trainor parody
“We hope our parodies will resonate with moms the world over who are all deserving to be called Mom of the Year for the love and nurture they provide for their children… or for that last explosive poopy diaper they had to change. So, we set out to change the world one song and one diaper at a time. If you have a minute, please come laugh with us!” [source]

So put down your mop and duster and check this out!

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