Whole eggs really are among the most nutritious foods on the planet and almost all the nutrients are found in the yolks. Telling people to throw the yolks away may just be the most ridiculous advice in the history of nutrition.


Do You Still Believe These Nutrition Myths?

Mainstream nutrition is full of nonsense. Despite clear advancements in nutrition science, sadly these old myths don’t seem to be going anywhere. I bet if you took a poll of your friends and family, you’d discover many still feel compelled to hold tight to some of these beliefs, even though they’ve been proven wrong. For many years we’ve been lectured about saturated fats and cholesterol. We all “know” that saturated fat raises cholesterol and causes heart disease.

20 Mainstream Nutrition Myths that Most People Believe (Even though they've been Proved Wrong)

We are supposed to shun sources of “saturated fat,” like butter and red meat, and instead favor vegetable oils, including corn, canola and soybean oil. We were told to cut back on whole eggs because the yolks are “high in cholesterol”. And to eat less red meat. And to drink skim milk, not whole.

In fact, several decades ago, the entire population was advised to eat a low-fat, high-carb diet. We’ve also been encouraged to eat smaller, more frequent meals. To eat less protein. To eat more grains, especially whole wheat. And to use less salt. Because salt causes hypertension, right?

We’ve been taught that all calories are equal, no matter whether they come from pocessed junk food or an organic apple. And we’ve come to the conclusion, via the media, that low fat dairy must be “healthier” since it has fewer calories and less cholesterol.

It goes without saying that we all know by now that obesity is an energy imbalance. Eat less and exercise more. We should use our willpower to eat less food, and while we’re at it, get off the couch and burn an extra 500 calories each day to lose a pound of fat each and every week.

In addition, we are actively discouraged from following trends, like “gluten-free,” because only 1% of the population has celiac disease anyway.

And how dare we take an active role in our own health care.

And to top all of that off, coffee has long been considered unhealthy, mainly because of the caffeine!

Not sure what to believe any more? Read how each of these mainstream nutrition myths has been debunked by scientific research:

20 Mainstream Nutrition Myths that Most People Believe (Even though they’ve been Proved Wrong)

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