Sandra Aamodt: Why Dieting Doesn't Usually Work

Intermittent sampling: the practice of tasting everything, and binging on nothing. Use it to teach yourself the art of moderation.

If you could actually teach yourself how to enjoy just about any food and not binge, you’d be interested right? Using a process called Intermittent Sampling you can learn how to taste everything yet binge on nothing. Sound too good to be true? Read on.. Intermittent sampling is truly the art of moderation when it comes to food. You are not limiting yourself in which foods you can eat, just in how much you can eat daily. And while it is not difficult to do, it does take time to master. In fact, you’ll always be practicing. But the results are worth it.

This may seem silly, but to me, the idea that you can just go cold-turkey is a little shortsighted. And besides, I don’t want to have to go cold-turkey. I want to be able to CONTROL my cravings and use a moderate approach to feel satisfied with less. I want to be able to SEE any food and be able to taste it without the inclination to demolish it.

How to Taste Everything & Binge on Nothing
As with most solutions, we don’t just “get it” and are good to go. We have to consciously choose to take it on, stay mindful, see our failures as feedback and keep on keeping on, until one day we wake up and we’re doing it all better. Not perfect. Never perfect. But we’re mastering it one day at a time. Intermittent sampling does this.

There’s a method to mastering a moderate approach, so that you never feel deprived and you also never feel the need to eat everything in sight. It’s a conscious effort to choose balance.

So how do we break this habit of either being “on” a diet (Monday thru Thursday) or completely “off” (Friday thru Sunday)? Read more …

Intermittent Sampling: How to Taste Everything & Binge on Nothing

Sandra Aamodt: Why Dieting Doesn't Usually Work

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